Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Perks of Being a Camp Wife (and Mom)

Here's a shot from the first father/son camp out of the summer. Daddy learned what he now needs to do to make things go a little smoother, so the stage is set for a summer of mommy time, I mean father/son bonding. Really, it's both. I'm enjoying an evening of wi-fi at the local Arby's for the price of a jamocha as Father and Son are on their second camp out of the season. I wonder if Zane will gather a pile of leaves in the tent this time.


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Lovely Little Nest said...

aw that is too cute! What a great way for them to bond and for you to get some alone time.

Tell Jake and your awesome in-laws I say hello and I miss them! Hope you all have a wonderful summer! :)