Friday, May 22, 2009

A Brave Feller

When I was a little girl, my dreams of prince charming and my frugality in the making sometimes crossed paths. For instance, I had thoughts like, "If I marry a dentist my family will get their teeth cleaned for free!" or, "If I marry a carpenter, we'll save money on furniture, kitchen cabinets, etc!"

Well, let me share the economic value my rock climbing, repelling, hard core camp husband has brought to our family. He saved us a lot of $$$ by felling 2 big pine trees in our yard all by himself. I was a little nervous, yes, but I knew he knew what he was doing and Zane and I had full confidence in him as we watched from afar.


livingpalm said...

i was scared just looking at the pictures!
can't wait to see your new yard.

Emily said...

Wow, what a guy! :) I love your blog btw! :) I look forward to your new blogs!

gina said...


jessica said...

That's awesome, Bethany!

Jon, Kristi, and Jaiden said...

good work jake