Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stocking Stuffers

This year my hubby and I decided to make origami coupons for each other's stocking stuffers. It's something we could make together yet not know what the other is writing. If you're not familiar with giving coupons as gifts, you write on a piece of paper something like "Free back rub" or "I'll do the dishes for a day", etc. The recipient then turns in the coupon when he/she wants it redeemed. We decided on origami because it fills up the stocking more than a coupon book. There's nothing like a full stocking and spending $0 to get it that way.


livingpalm said...

the only thing cuter than this picture and this idea is wondering if Zane took the picture for you??

Bethany said...

Yes, he's taking a photography class in between swim n' gym and his marathon training.

Mara (the coffee lover) said...

great idea! coupons are awesome!