Friday, December 4, 2009

Granny Squares and the Internet

What do they have in common? Just that they are the topics of today's post. I figured out how to make granny squares and I've been mass producing them ever since. I'm not quite sure what I will make with them, but the possibilities are exciting...

Here's my very first one.

Now, on to the internet. There is an explanation to the lack of consistent posts, we no longer have internet at home. I sometimes feel at a loss without it. On the other hand I'm pretty happy with what I find myself doing that I know I would not take the time to do if I had internet access to occupy my time. And then there's the debate on the internet community verses "true" community... I haven't come to any steadfast conclusions on that, but as I stopped by a friend's house to tap into her wi-fi, we got caught up on life as we had a chance to chat and I even got a delicious cucumber hummus sandwich to boot. Not bad for building community.