Friday, February 20, 2009

My Bookshelf

I get good ideas from other blogs all the time and this one I really liked because I love to read. Our "bookcase" is a curio cabinet my grandfather made for me when I was a teenager. He made one for all of his granddaughters. There are only 2 of us out of 12 grandchildren, but it was no small task considering the craftsmanship that went into the curios.

You'll notice I started organizing our books by color until you get to the bottom shelf. Well, as new books came in, I wasn't about to shift all the books on every row downward to make room for a white book on top! Next time I'll remember to leave a little space on each shelf.


Kaley said...

oh bethany, that is really beautiful. what a wonderful gift!

marteks said...

That is a wonderful gift. Lucky you! I have always thought that books in a "book closet" look like they are loved and taken care of. We have many bookshelves, but only one with doors, and in there I keep the oldest and most beloved books we have.

Thank you for your nice comment in my blog!